Pangea Art and Culture Festival

"Clear the stage for art and culture" The "Pangea Art and Culture Festival" offers established , as well as still unknown artists the possibility to present their art and their art projects in the Pangea Grid all year round. The kick-off for the "Pangea Art and Culture Festival 2022" was Terra Merhyem's "Excalibur".

Paul Stephen Dixon aka Tryad Destiny Art Exhobition

Opening Rage Darkstone Performance: "Death and Transfiguration"

Opening Summer of Love" Event

August 2022 Art Exhibotion "Give the Soul a Home"

September 2022 Opening FLUXANTIS

October 2022 The 4 Horse Riders oft the Apocalypse

November 2022 Immersive - Installation 'Dreams of the Dead - Suenos de Muertos'

December 2022