Paul Stephen Dixon aka Tryad Destiny

As an artist, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to translate what I experience into art.
I paint with acrylics and oil  as well as digital art and mixed media,
although I have my own particular preferences that I keep
coming back to.
Human emotions and interactions have always and
probably always will inspire me and this is very often evident in my original
and weird art.
My art should speak to the viewer – move something in people, trigger something.
I initiate these processes and thus make the beholder a part of my work.
May peace and love and light shine on your way.
Paul S. Dixon / Tryad Destiny
2002  Kafe og kunst, Oslo
2003 Galleri OMK, Oslo
2003 Galleri Gyldenløve, Oslo
2006/2007 Herregardskroen, Oslo
2011 Kunstmesse Art Kamen
I was invited and took part in 1Biennale 2018.
Exhibition in Artdestiny Grid 2018.
Since 2021 I have a permanent exhibition in Spooky City on Artdestiny Grid.

Update Opening Paul Stephen Dixon alias Tryad Destiny Pangea Grid

It was a wonderful evening, with many interesting and art interested guests. Those who did not have the opportunity to be there, can visit his exhibition at Pangea Grid, on SIM Norge. The exhibition is open all year round.