Stella Polaris

Stella Polaris is based on a dreamlike region in Second Life, which unfortunately no longer exists.

With a lot of light effects, lights and matching windlight (very important for visitors to adopt the region windlight!), Stella Polaris creates a fantastic world on the screen, which should bring the visitor into a relaxed and positive mood.

The slightly foggy windlight creates a sense of stillness; each section only appears as you get closer – a quick camera scroll to get an overview of the region at a glance won’t work here.

Stella Polaris offers plenty of little corners to explore; a small gadget can be found in the cave: there you can „dig“ for geodes with a pick, which rez at irregular intervals and receive a small gift.

If you want, you can leave your name on Stella Polaris. There are (closed) geodes in the ruin that open when clicked and leave the visitor’s name as hovertext.

Bink Draconia, Owner & Creator

Stella Polaris Bilder auf Flickr: