Nyx Breen

Nyx Breen is a brilliant creator of digital art and also a gifted art photographer.
In Opensim he has in the Alternate Metaverse Grid, in the region of Aedifex is his virtual home, which you should definitely visit.

3D Arts Capes – immersive interactive art experiences. Become part of the art.

As part of the Pangea Arts and Culture Festival, Nyx Breen presents his installation:

Suenos de Muertos
Dreams of the Dead

to which we cordially invite you all

Nyx Breen

3D Artscapes – immersive interactive art experiences. Be part of the art.

Nyx Breen Immersive Artscape article on HG Safari by Thirza Ember:



Nyx Breen Immersive Artscape Cover Photo – Focus Magazine SL :

Metaverse Art article on Nyx Breen Immersive Artscapes on HG


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